Ai Dialogue South Africa: Stakeholders Commit to Responsible Ai Ecosystem

AI Dialogue South Africa, a virtual event which was held in early August, saw stakeholders in South Africa’s AI industry commit — through an expression of interest (EOI) — to building AI technologies that are not only beneficial to everyone but also adhere to the country’s constitution and bill of rights.

THE EVENT, which was organized by Convergence Partners, Accenture,

University of Johannesburg, Digital Council Africa, and Sun & Shield Technologies sought to find common ground in using AI as a driver for economic growth, social development, and safety.

The virtual event was attended by members of South Africa’s tech industry, startups, SMMEs, academics, AI researchers, policymakers as well as government officials.

Other areas touched on by the EOI

• Private sector establishment of a South Africa AI fund and AI Institute

• Grants for research by academia

• Funding for AI start-ups, incubators, and accelerators

• Development of an AI School curriculum for early introduction in school

• Support for the export of local AI initiatives, products, services and solutions

• Establishment of an AI marketplace for AI startups

• An annual AI symposium for all stakeholders

• Establishment of private sector work-streams across the health, education,

mining and automotive

• Negotiation of a five-year tax holiday for AI companies

• Representation of South Africa in Global AI forum and initiatives

• Representation in global AI competitions