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MedSol AI Solutions promotes, early and accurate diagnosis of breast cancer, leading to a significant reduction in mortality rates associated with breast cancer.

The architecture of the deep machine learning algorithm, together with medical professionals’ inputs, produces a more accurate and robust system with every scan.

Our image dataset is custom built and integrated into several healthcare facilities.

• Live diagnostic screening. The AI is optimized to process ultrasound video streams.
• Extremely fast & accurate results displayed immediately to patient & doctor/nurse.
• World class software built with leading AI techniques & libraries.

Each patient receives a state of the art medical analysis from the AI whilst still having a human interaction & support.

AI integrated device & probe are linked over wifi. AI receives streamed data from Clarius probe & runs image processing & deep learning analysis to produce immediate & accurate diagnostic result.

Our company

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The “Doc”

Dr Kathryn Malherbe has 15 years of clinical experience in the field of medical imaging. B.Rad Diagnostic, BsC NeuroAnatomy, Cert Mammography, MRad Diagnostic, PhD Clinical Anatomy.


The “Cool Guy”

Stephan Myburgh has over 25 years of experience in the field of cloud-based solutions and technology. He is a key role player in our technological solution and how to combine clinical outputs to technological outputs.



The “Hustler”

Louis du Plessis has over 25 years of experience in the field of cloud-based solutions and technology. He is driven to provide catered software solutions in the health tech field.

COO and Chief Machine Learning Engineer

The “Wonderkid”

Chris du Plessis has 3 accolades in the field of deep machine learning and AI since the age of 19. He loves to take on a challenge and develop AI solutions that not only work, but make a difference.


Medsol AI our Artificial
Neural Network

“Dr Insight”

An intuitive and cunning diagnostic partner. Dr. Insight possesses an uncanny ability to analyze medical imagery and data, unraveling complex cases with finesse. Its adaptable nature allows it to tackle a wide range of medical challenges, always learning and evolving to stay ahead in the quest for accurate diagnoses and personalized patient care.

Our company

AI Team


Medsol AI is an Innovation-driven community of members passionate about patient-centered outcomes with the latest AI solutions for diagnostic imaging.

Our vision is to become a world leader in affordable, diagnostic Artificial Intelligence and Deep machine learning systems for healthcare. We are striving to provide comprehensive AI and DML services across all healthcare clinics of Africa and beyond, through key stakeholder collaboration in the field of healthcare.

By providing AI systems at the grassroots level for healthcare professionals and hosting education workshops in rural settings for patients, we aim to reduce overall mortality rates by 2025 for breast cancer.

Our social impact will be seen by 2025 when South Africans have increased life expectancy from education workshops and that clinics have improved diagnostic success rates by using our AI system.

Superior Wireless Ultrasound Imaging You Can Trust

We co-market our product alongside Clarius wireless ultrasound probes with clarity, quality and cost-effective options for Point of Care ultrasound (POCUS).

Our product focuses on patient-based outcomes, with a unique educational platform for patients diagnosed with breast cancer to ensure they are informed and empowered with the necessary information going forward during their treatment journey.


Clarius Ultrasound Probes

To get in touch with us to purchase a probe or find out more, please complete the enquiry form or send us a mail at